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Haus Feldseeblick
1 room for 2 guests
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Haus Feldseeblick

Seeblickweg 3, 9544, Feld am See, Austria

Hotel description

Booking confirmation

You will automatically receive a detailed booking confirmation by email. The amount in € is the complete amount to be paid. There is no further payment to be made (eventhough it states: "Total exclusive tax").


There is a cleaning fee for your apartment of € 80,- which will be included in your total. 

City Tax

There is a city tax by the city of Feld am See, which is € 2,70 per adult and night. This is included in your total amount to be paid.

Minimum stay

You can book our apartments with a minimum stay of three days. There is no limit for staying longer. :-)


There are free parkling lots on the premises.


Kindly initiate a bank draft with the amount due, to the bank account shown in your confirmation email. Thank you! Your booking is finally confirmed once your bank draft has arrived on the bank account stated.

There are no further payments. Your total contains also cleaning fee, city tax and the SonnenscheinCard. 


By austrian law we are obliged to have every indvidual guest registered. We kindly ask you to register yourself once you have received your confirmation email. Just click here to go to the registration page. We appreciate your ccoperation.


The SonnenscheinCard enables you to enjoy free and/or reducedd entry to various events in this area (like museums, free rides with the Nockmobil, etc. The of € 1,- per day/person is automatically included in your total.

Hotel infoNumber of rooms2 rooms
Haus Feldseeblick
1 room for 2 guests
Search availability

Seeblickweg 3, 9544, Feld am See, Austria

House rules
Check-in terms and conditionsCheck-infrom 15:00 till 22:00Check-outfrom 07:00 till 10:00