Gastine Valley

The beautiful Gastine Valley is located in the heart of the Alps, surrounded by the picturesque mountains of Hohe Tauern. Thanks to its healing thermal springs, it has become known all over the world. All 5 resorts in the valley - Bad Gastein, Bad Hofgastein, Dorfgastein, Beckstein and Sporthgastein - are popular holiday destinations with excellent health and wellness facilities. In addition, the region offers excellent conditions for sports activities, including skiing.

The most important treasure of the valley is the unique radon tunnels in Radhausberg Mountain. Originally they were used to mine gold ore. Later on, scientists conducted a number of studies and established the healing effect of radon tunnels on the human body. For more than 50 years, the galleries have been used for therapeutic purposes. The secret of their miraculous power is a combination of three factors: radon content (up to 4.5 nanocurie per 1 liter of air), air temperature (37.5 to 41.5 ° C) and high humidity (70-95%). The inflow of radon-rich warm water vapours from underground springs creates a unique healing climate that stimulates metabolism and regenerative mechanisms at the cellular level.

Radon tunnels are recommended for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, respiratory tract and skin. In 90% of cases, microclimate treatment is successful in the long term. This type of therapy is also excellent for maintaining health and immune prophylaxis.


The mountain-sports and balneological spa town of Bad Hofgastein is only 7 km away from Bad Gastein. These neighborhood resorts have a lot in common - they have unique healing mineral springs, and the famous Radon tunnels in Radhausberg mountain, and the ability to combine hydrotherapy with skiing. However, despite their proximity, they are completely different.

Bad Hofgastein, formerly a small alpine trading town, is located on a wide sunny plateau, 850 m above sea level, in the heart of the Gastine Valley. Traditional-style houses, elegant hotels and narrow alleys give this hospitable resort a respectable view.

The city center is represented by a pedestrian zone and numerous promenades with hotels, restaurants and boutiques. There is also a luxurious Alpine resort park.

At the end of 2003, Alpen Therme Gastein, the most modern thermal complex in Europe, opened in Bad Hofgastein. This huge wellness centre offers a host of water activities, therapeutic and preventive treatments and opportunities to maintain good physical fitness. These include outdoor swimming pools with thermal and fresh water, slides, geysers, saunas with their own small mountain lake, health center, beauty salon, training and fitness rooms.

Thermal radon nitrogen springs, for which the resort is so famous, are effective in diseases of the musculoskeletal system (rheumatoid arthritis, complications after trauma, Bekhterev's disease), peripheral vessels (varicose veins with trophic, slow healing ulcers, phlebitis), oral cavity (gingivitis and stomatitis), as well as in metabolic disorders and gynecological problems.

Bad Hofgastein can offer horseback riding (in the indoor arena), indoor tennis courts, squash courts, hang-gliding, paragliding, 90 km of hiking trails, sports shooting, hunting, sports animation programs for children, ice-stock throwing, outdoor ice rink, restaurants, bars and discos.

Also, the resort has all the conditions for excellent skiing, in particular: the difference in altitude of 859-2246 m, stable snow cover, successful placement of lifts (only 19), quite difficult, but at the same time long and comfortable tracks (including cross-country) length of 81 km, which are suitable even for beginners skiers.





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