Affiliate program for travel agents and webmasters

50% of the profit from all customer orders within 30 days (Revshare)
30 days post click
20 euros average conversion (plug 5 to 200 euros)


  1. Tariffs lower than those of competitors (see example below)
  2. Cost of conversion higher than that of competitors (see example below)
  3. Multi-lingualism and GEO across Europe (400+ cities)
  4. Large selection of vehicles (from economy to premium and large buses)
  5. Say the most convertible directions with the highest commission
  6. Referal link works on any link of the site, that is, you can choose separate directions in any language and add to the link your referral code.

How it works

You get access to your account and referral link, and when you follow this link, the client retains a cookie for 30 days, so that even if your client visits the site without a referral link, you will receive a commission for all his orders. You can also book transfers for your clients yourself using the referral link, and all orders with your commission will be automatically registered in your office.

Premiere for Comparison

In winter it is profitable to promote hotel transfers to ski resorts in Europe (Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria) - a great demand and high commission, especially for economy class and minibuses.


Spam with a link to the site, traffic from adalt sites, viruses, promo codes

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